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Since this interview was filmed, the global pandemic of Covid-19 began. We asked Delia if, and how, the cleaning recommendations covered in this film have changed.

“The care and attention to cleaning, and the cleaning methods that I spoke about in this interview, haven’t changed – although their importance is now clearer to many more of us. However, to prepare for people returning to work and to places of learning, I would recommend a two-stage cleaning process. That means cleaning with a detergent to remove the soil that that we can see, followed by disinfecting with a reputable product - 1000 ppm chlorine is recommended to get on top of surface contamination, which is what can’t be seen with the naked eye. The two-stage process will ensure a thorough and effective clean, and will also reassure returning staff and visitors. I’ve always recommended periodic detailed-cleaning – unfortunately it’s not always done - but I think that attitudes will, rightly, change now and this type of regular clean will become part of scheduled maintenance.”

Delia Cannings, Managing Director, Environmental Excellence Training and Development Ltd