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“The teaching and catering staff are amazed at the transformation which has taken place over the summer break. It is such a pleasant environment for the students to enjoy their meal times and is now so much easier to clean and maintain.”

Joe Mills, 
Head of Premises, The Priory School, Dorking

In addition to poor hygiene making us ill, it has a significant impact on how we see an environment. In fact, researchers have found a link between mental health and clean environments. They saw increased levels of stress amongst people in an unclean environment, leading to higher levels of anxiety and depression.

For businesses trying to attract visitors and diners, the perception of a space impacts whether customers return – and what they tell friends and relatives about it. There is also an impact for employers, with an unhygienic workplace affecting staff turnover.

In addition to being easy to clean, Altro floors and walls are available in a wide variety of shades, including scuff-hiding, darker shades. These are ideal for building entrances and heavy-trafficked areas that can only practically be cleaned after hours. We can help you with guidance on which colors will work well in your space, and which cleaning methods will keep them looking their best.

If you would like to see how different products in different shades could look in your space, take a look at the Altro Space Visualizer.