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Serradells Sports Center, Spain

Poolside security and comfort with Altro safety flooring

Altro Aquarius

Serradells Sports Center has 4,000 members and 350,000 users per year. The center has two pools: one indoor and one outdoor. There are also squash and tennis courts, a gym, saunas, a whirlpool, bowling alleys, meeting rooms and a bar / restaurant.

The Serradells Sports center needed a continuous, slip-resistant surface for the pool area that was also modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Marc Magallon, Director, Serradells Sports Center, said: “The pool was 25 years old and required a complete refurbishment. We needed a floor that was comfortable underfoot and could be laid over the existing tile. We chose Altro flooring because of the good references and results.”

The project was undertaken by Suport Enginyers S.A., a company specializing in civil engineering and building. Silvia Marquillo from the technical building section of the company said: “Due to a problem of leaks on the lower floor, sheet vinyl flooring was installed in the beach pool areas to make the refurbishment easier and allow us to install over the existing ceramic tiles. We needed a waterproof, slip-resistant flooring with a good aesthetic that would be easy to install so we could meet deadlines.”

The flooring in the pool area was replaced with over 10,000 square feet of Altro Aquarius in the color Dragonfly. Altro Aquarius provides optimum lifetime sustained slip-resistance in wet and dry environments. It is also easy to clean, with Altro Easyclean technology, meaning it is at the forefront of safety floor cleaning.

“Safety, with shoes and bare feet; hygiene; the decorative options and easy installation. It installed easily and quickly, with a good finish,” stated Marquillo in regards to the benefits of choosing Altro Aquarius.

Altro Aquarius was installed several months ago. Marc Magallon’s experience has been very positive: “I would recommend this flooring without hesitation, for its attractive and warm look and feel.”

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