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Altro and cleaning guru join forces to promote cleaning best practice

Cleaning expert Delia Cannings has formed a partnership with Altro to promote cleaning best practice, and is showcasing a wide range of the company's floors and walls in her new cleaning training centre in Birmingham.

Delia Cannings is one of the UK's leading experts on cleaning science. She is the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP) Lead for Education and Training. She now runs her own training consultancy, Environmental Excellence Training & Development Ltd, and has over 30 years' experience in the cleaning industry, including most recently in the education sector where she was Business Development Director for a Birmingham college.

In addition to her work for the AHCP she acts as cleaning science advisor to many organisations including direct services contractors and suppliers. Delia has made a number of television appearances, is a regular contributor to both national media and professional journals and is well known for her challenging and thought provoking views.

The new training centre has been built to support, deliver and assess a range of Delia's educational programmes specialising in cleaning and environmental science. Delia said: "In setting up the cleaning training centre, my vision was to create an environment where cleaning professionals from industries such as hospitality, sport, education and healthcare, could see first-hand the inspired scenarios they could develop in their own premises, and learn how to clean and maintain them for optimum results.

"I wanted to create a number of real-life settings where we use ideal fixtures and fittings to demonstrate ease of maintenance, and stylish, colourful and attractive bedrooms, bathrooms, boardrooms and hospital wards. Inspirational places that would promote well-being, make people feel safe, relaxed and cared for.

"Working with Altro was a key part of my vision. I have worked with Altro for many years and their products are absolutely at the cutting edge of professional flooring and walling solutions.

"Safety flooring from all manufacturers can get a bad name as being difficult to clean but they just need to be cleaned and maintained using the right products. All floors are not the same and must be looked after differently. If they are treated with respect and cared for correctly they will stay looking good and perform well for many years. This performance is key as a safety floor would have been chosen specifically to help reduce the risk of slips and falls and with the right maintenance regime cleaning professionals can play their part in keeping people safe. This is another vital aspect of the new training centre; to demonstrate best cleaning practice and show how the safety floors and walls should be cleaned to achieve the best long-term results."

Delia continued: "I told Altro about my vision and they were as excited as I was. We immediately set to work bringing my vision to life. They put one of their top designers on the project, we discussed what I wanted, played around with some ideas, colour schemes, textures and the end result was exactly what I wanted."

Delia's training centre features a showroom of a broad range of room scenarios where Altro products have been fitted. These include a bathroom, hi-spec kitchen, sluice area, bedroom, toilet, offices, conference room, storage area, and a dedicated space which showcases a number of different Altro floors.

Altro works closely with a wide range of customers and industry experts such as the Dementia Services Development Centre and the Health and Safety Executive as part of their vision to constantly improve their products and services. Lucy Bilotto, Marketing Manager at Altro, said: "We are delighted to support Delia by providing products for her new training centre. Like all manufacturers of safety flooring we know that these products require a different approach to cleaning and by working with Delia we can reach more people with information on how to care for the floor throughout its life.

"Major injuries resulting from slips, often on wet floors, affect around 10,000 people each year. Safety flooring can help reduce that risk of a slip to 1 in a million so we want to work with Delia and others in the cleaning industry to promote best practice on how to maintain safety floors so that they look good and continue to keep people safe from slips and falls."

The Altro products used include Altro's Wood Collection – both the wood-look sparkle-free safety flooring and an accompanying smooth flooring; Altro Walkway Plus, a hugely popular 2mm safety flooring in a wide range of exciting colours; Altro Suprema II, a design-led safety flooring with a palette of 40 colours; Altro Whiterock Chameleon, a colourful, high gloss, impervious wall panels; Altro Whiterock Splashbacks, a clever alternative to unhygienic tiles; and Altro Whiterock Digiclad, a wall panels that can add bespoke design to surfaces.

Delia added: "I am hoping that by working with Altro we can help the cleaning industry to raise its game in terms of delivery of cleaning standards and creating ideal environments that are easy to clean and maintain, yet look stylish, funky and appealing."

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