National Aquarium

Altro exhibits safety and design at a national level

Altro Suprema

The Living Seashore exhibit at The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland opened in May 2015. This exhibit features many educational stations for guests to learn about sea life. Some of the experiences include digital boardwalk-style binoculars showing videos of animals in the exhibit and interactive touch screens to provide guests with in-depth information about animals in the exhibit. The main attractions of the exhibit are two large touchpools that allow guests to encounter one-on-one experiences with the animals. Featured touchpool marine life; Clearnose skate, Atlantic stingray, Horseshoe crab, Knobbed whelk and Moon jellyfish.

The National Aquarium looked to Altro for safety and ease of maintenance for the exhibit. Because of the touchpools, water will most likely be present; causing the potential for slips and falls to increase dramatically -- A thin layer of water, just a tenth of a human hair’s thickness can prevent contact between shoe and floor. With high slip resistance values of .79 dry and 1.0 wet, Altro Suprema provides the aquarium patrons and employees enhanced safety.

Altro’s unique, patented safety flooring construction incorporates slip resistance particles throughout the wear layer. This forms a durable surface that’s slip resistant with both wet and dry contaminants for the lifetime of the product.

Altro Suprema integrates Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR™ technology, making maintenance a breeze. With this industry-leading technology, your flooring has unrivalled low dirt pick-up for improved long-term cleanability. Another feature is long lasting color retention — allowing the floor to stay looking new for longer. This is possible because Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR is incorporated throughout the wear layer to ensure unparalleled performance for the life of the product.

Design Collective of Baltimore, Maryland used the extensive color palette of Altro Suprema to their advantage, three different hues were selected to make the exhibit replicate the wondrous beaches and waters of the Mid-Atlantic seashore. Color Oatmeal was used to mimic dry sand, Olive was used to mimic wet sand and Caspian was used to mimic water. The progression of the flooring design ties into the exhibit’s environment as well. Stations made to look like a sunny beach use “dry sand” on the floor, then transitions into “wet sand” and finally “water” where the touchpools and stations about sea life are located. Over all, Allstate Floors of Jessup, Marlyand installed a total of 350 yd² of Altro Suprema at The National Aquarium.

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