Aqua-Tots Swim School

Safety for swimmers with Altro Suprema

Aqua-Tots Swim School offers swimming instruction for children 6 months and up. Aqua-Tots have been operating in the US since 1991 opening locations all across the country. Altro has worked with a number of Aqua-Tots franchise owners with installations in Arizona, Idaho, Wisconsin and now Texas.

Franchise owner Paul Preston worked very closely with the architecture firm on this job as he was in search of the “perfect design” for his location. He knew constructing a swimming school for children raised a major concern in the design process, safety. In this wet environment there would be kids as young as two and three running around pools and in and out of locker rooms. Paul knew he needed to incorporate safety flooring into the design. After consulting with other Aqua-Tots franchise owners Paul learned of a product they had used; Altro Suprema.

In this facility there will be children without shoes. With certain safety floors being very aggressive, Paul was in search of a floor that would be comfortable for kids without shoes. Altro Suprema is a slip resistant product that offers a good balance between traditional safety flooring and smooth vinyl offering a level of underfoot comfort for bare foot travelers.

After meeting with an Altro representative Paul was impressed by the extensive color range that Suprema offered; the palette included a number of different shades of blue, his desired color. Paul chose a flooring contractor who specialized in sheet vinyl installations and was familiar with the Altro product to ensure a successful install.

Aqua-Tots is now open for business in Coppell, Texas.

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