Rockville Hospital Behavioral Health Unit

Altro rocks Rockville Hospital

Altro Aquarius, Altro Whiterock

A presentation of Altro’s suite of products leads to installation in a suite of behavioral health services.

Rockville Hospital, part of the Eastern Connecticut Healthcare Network, boasts a strong behavioral health unit that provides support and specialized, sophisticated services for many areas of mental health, including additions, anxiety, depression and other counseling.

Moser Pilon Nelson Architects worked with the hospital, selecting Altro Aquarius and Altro Whiterock for use throughout the unit.

For the bathrooms and other wet areas throughout the unit, the award-winning Altro Aquarius was specified for the floors, accompanied by Altro Whiterock hygienic wall panels on the walls. The ideal flooring for wet environments, Altro Aquarius is fit for both bare feet and shoes, providing excellent slip resistance in an area where slipping and falling is a major concern.

Altro Whiterock’s hygienic nature prevents water and moisture ingress, and its durable impact-resistance ensures a sledgehammer strike won’t even crack its panels. Other walls can break upon heavy impact, resulting in punctures and holes that can house unwanted bacterial tenants. With the increasing efforts to combat healthcare acquired infections in hospitals around the country, impact-resistant and hygienic wall products are essential.

The project had originally called for competitor products, but Altro Regional Representative Carol Polyviou met with Jeff Lawton and Rockville Hospital housekeeping staff and presented Altro flooring, showing the proper cleaning regimen. The hospital was sold, and staff members continue to be happy with their installation.

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