UMass Amherst Lederle Labs

Altro Suprema installed in UMass Amherst Lederle Labs for chemical resistance properties

Lederle Graduate Research Tower at UMass Amherst underwent a $12 million renovation over the course of two years. Funded in part by the National Institute of Health and various grants, the impressive facility represents an unequivocal collaboration between faculty and facilities planners. The project enhances research in the biological and physical sciences increasing the competitiveness of the campus on a national level.

Goldman Reindorf from Newton, MA specified 11,000 square feet of Altro Suprema for the newly renovated lab and research space for its superior stain and chemical resistance. West Floor Covering out of Pembroke, MA performed the installation.

Altro Suprema has been tested against many chemicals known to stain most floor coverings. In a setting with a wide variety of chemical solutions and concentrations, Altro Suprema provides a better solution against common staining agents.

With Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR Technology incorporated throughout the floor, Altro Suprema provides industry leading performance in stain resistance and cleanability. In lab experiments where one speck of dust can compromise the integrity of the research, it is imperative that the surfaces be easy to clean and maintain and adhere to strict hygienic standards.

Lederle Graduate Center’s renovated labs foster a conducive environment to collaborative research across science disciplines. In a field where communication and knowledge sharing is essential to success, the flooring must also withstand constant foot traffic. Altro Suprema’s 2,500 static load limit is ideal for areas requiring unparalleled durability.

UMass Amherst’s Lederle Graduate Research Tower has created an interactive space that creates opportunities for new partnerships, shared skills and expertise, and further advancement in the field.

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