Plymouth University

Retaining original features the solution from Altro

Plymouth University recently leased an old timber and stone building for the use as one large art room, totaling 575 square metres. As a Grade I listed building, the lease agreement stated that the building must be returned to its original state when the three year lease period expired.

The building has raised access floors and in order to lay vinyl flooring, traditionally the contractor would have needed to secure plywood to the first floor. This would have resulted in significant damage when removed as well as incurring additional costs for the University.

Devon flooring contractor 'Roberts Flooring' were aware of Altro XpressLay, but had not installed the product before this project. However, because of their confidence in Altro, they proposed Altro XpressLay as an alternative solution to the original vinyl floor finish.

Altro XpressLay not only offered a fast track solution, that could easily be removed, without damaging the raised access floor, but it also had the advantage of being recyclable at the end of its life.