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September 2016

Benefits of choosing Altro throughout your facility

You have selected Altro safety floors and walls for your hospital kitchen.  Great news!  We have been leaders in the commercial flooring industry for over 60 years and our products deliver top notch results in areas like these. You will be pleased and your staff will be safe!

Now it's time to refurbish hallways, patient rooms, operating rooms, central sterilization and lounge areas. Have you considered Altro for all these areas?  

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting commercial flooring. Altro now offers a vast portfolio of products. From robust safety flooring that can reduce the risk of slips and fall to one in a million to trendy and high end LVT looks and everything in between.  Our flooring ranges offer palettes of up to 58 colors for true selection flexibility, even for the most selective of designers.

Our product line up includes:
  • Sheet vinyl in safety, slip resistant and smooth options. 
  • Luxury vinyl planks and tiles
  • Quartz tiles
  • Enhanced vinyl tile
  • Wall cladding and protection
  • Installation accessories, adhesives, tools
Products aside, here's some other fantastic benefits of choosing Altro throughout your facility!
  • Sales representation - Significantly cut down on time spent shopping for new finishes by developing a solid relationship with your knowledgeable Altro representative. We can supply all your flooring, walling, accessories, and adhesives... even tools!
  • Long warranties - Our products are durable and resilient and fully backed by generous warranties of up to 20 years. In fact, we have some the longest warranties in the industry. 
  • Altro Assurance - Open since 1919 we're family owned and operated. We are dedicated to our customers and ensuring that their projects run smoothly from beginning to end, offering top notch customer care and technical services throughout your installation and beyond.
  • Significant savings over the life of your products – Long life expectancies and proprietary cleaning technology that requires less water and fewer detergents means, as your floor ages, the cost to own it reduces as each year passes on.  If properly installed, cleaned, and maintained, our Altro floors can exceed 20 years.  That's a real bargain!
  • Volume pricing – As the volume of your order increases, odds are we can begin to work out volume pricing for your installation.
  • Peace of mind
If you are interested in learning how Altro can help you with all your commercial flooring and wall cladding needs, please call us at 800.377.5597. We’d love to help!

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Posted: 9/27/2016 7:35:45 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments

Steps to Sustained slip resistance: Ensuring your spaces are safe now and in the future

Safe now ≠ safe later

If you knew the chance of being struck by a car while crossing the street was one in a million, you’d cross. Now it’s one in two. Still going on that afternoon run?

Safety flooring may meet slip resistance standards when first installed, but some products aren’t made to last. Be it 10 years, five years or even a year later, damage and contamination can decimate flooring’s slip resistance, and flooring that previously had a one in a million chance of someone slipping now sees one of every two people fall. 

That’s why Altro put a variety of products from different manufacturers to the test.

David Cockhead, Altro’s Quality and Compliance Advisor, says that the test, conducted in an external, independent laboratory, revealed that some products “fell below Health and Safety Executive (HSE’s) minimum standard of slip resistance” throughout their useful lives. Only able to be performed in a lab, the tests examine flooring right off the manufacturing line. 

Altro uses the SATRA Pedatron Test  to evaluate surface wear, measuring how one million steps affects an area of flooring. What follows is an accurate depiction of how a floor will perform over time. 

Flooring with a lifetime slip resistance of PTV ≥36  makes the odds of a slip and fall one in a million. Conversely, if flooring meets standards when fitted but loses slip resistance over the years, those odds could be high as one in two.

Therefore, even if you’ve chosen flooring that meets the requirements today, you could still face litigation years later. 

Maintaining your flooring and its slip resistance

So you’ve chosen your safety flooring – it’s been tested and it won’t lose significant slip resistance in the next ten years. Job’s done. Everyone goes home happy. …Right? 

Unfortunately, sustaining slip resistance for the life of the product isn’t like acing your middle school science class – it takes more than just reading an instrument and passing a test. 

Slip resistance can be compromised by many means, such as different contaminants, types of footwear and cleaning processes. Safety flooring requires appropriate maintenance to perform at expected standards. 

If the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance guides aren’t followed, dirt and chemicals can build up, form a barrier to effective slip resistance and potentially cause slips. Avoid costly accidents by adhering to the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.

Still, no amount of cleaning can restore worn away slip resistance. Choosing safety flooring with sustained slip resistance is the safest way to avoid a future slippery problem.

What qualities does flooring need to have sustained slip resistance?

Flooring with slip resistance particles throughout ensure slip resistance will not wear down quickly. Altro performed a slip resistance test on flooring of ours that met this requirement installed 35 years ago. Even at 35 years old, the results came back the same as a brand new Altro safety floor. 

Products with embossed surfaces or epoxy coating all wear away over time - the biggest offenders of initially meeting requirements but failing later. This leaves users at greater risk and site owners vulnerable to claims. 

Quick tips that can help you make an informed decision:
  • Always ask flooring manufacturers to show you results for sustained slip resistance – the duty to ensure flooring remains safe lies with those who specify.
  • Ask questions and be sure you know what you are specifying and that it is fit for your purpose.

If you are involved in specifying flooring, even if you’re planning to install the same type of flooring again, you have a legal duty to ensure the safety of those using that space – now and in the future. 

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Posted: 9/21/2016 7:43:19 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments