Rubber flooring in labs

Smiling scientist in lab

Generally popular in fitness centers and recreation areas, rubber flooring has become a feasible alternative to VCT flooring in healthcare applications. Multiple facilities including pathology, microbiology, blood and cancer research laboratories can benefit from rubber flooring’s integrated vibration insulation and slip-resistant properties, as well as its additional padding contributing to reduced fatigue.

Vibration Insulation:

Laboratories commonly deal with automated blood lines and incubation machines that have a tendency to vibrate during operation. These machines create excessive noise and can experience potential internal mechanical damage when installed over resilient flooring or VCT tiles traditionally used in these settings. In contrast, rubber flooring can actually reduce disruptive vibration noise as well as gradual wear and tear on mechanical parts with integrated vibration insulation properties.

Slip Resistance + Injury Prevention:

Rubber flooring’s composition makes it inherently slip-resistant. For example, Altro Ollero rubber flooring tiles have a static coefficient of friction registering .85 when dry and 1.01 when wet. This is beneficial in laboratories for addressing safety and liability concerns. While the risk of slip and fall accidents is already reduced, the rubber’s additional padding provides a cushioned surface that can make the risk of potential injuries significantly less. This padding also contributes to a reduced risk of glass equipment breaking from accidental drops.

Reduced Fatigue:

The additional padding provided by rubber flooring reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly joint and muscle fatigue experienced by individuals standing for extended periods. The supplemental support can improve posture and prevent pain in the knees, ankles or lower back, allowing staff to continue their research and experiments safely.
Altro Ollero is a versatile, durable and eco-friendly rubber flooring solution that offers each of the previously mentioned benefits in a low-maintenance tile format guaranteed not to curl, harden or crack over time. With no need for additional finishes or wax, these tiles are easy to clean and maintain without the use of harsh chemicals, making them a cost-efficient option for laboratories and healthcare applications.
Posted: 10/30/2020 5:01:47 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments