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October 2018

Altro unveils stunning new wall range

Altro has added a designer wall range to its expanding portfolio of floors and walls. The addition of this new range proves that that there is no need to compromise on choice, aesthetics or performance in order to benefit from Altro’s excellent support and service.

Altro Whiterock™ wall designs pairs perfectly with our flooring and existing wall portfolio as part of a total solution package that will meet the needs of all areas within a commercial building.  Specifiers will now find ease in ordering a project’s complete floor and wall needs through one, familiar, manufacturer representative.

The new wall range is the natural progression of tried and tested products, harnessing decades of research and expertise, with extensive customer feedback integrated into the development process.

Altro Whiterock wall designs samples
Introducing Altro Whiterock™ wall designs

Altro Whiterock™ wall designs combine the durability, hygiene and resilience of Altro Whiterock with striking designs sure to enhance today’s contemporary, commercial interiors. 

The attractive palette of wood, linen, concrete and metallic visuals ensure our new decorative walls will shine in even in the most inspirational front-of-house settings. 

Altro Whiterock™ wall designs coordinate exceptionally well with our flooring, providing designers, specifiers and end users an extensive suite of creative options all under the Altro name.
Altro Whiterock wall designs inspirational brochure Altro Whiterock wall designs product datasheet
Inspirational brochure Product datasheet

Posted: 10/3/2018 1:49:45 PM by Jenn Lawson | with 0 comments

Whiteboards in pediatrics

Whiteboards in pediatrics board

From a child’s perspective, waiting for an examination at a pediatrician’s office can potentially prove more anxious than beneficial. The most common remedy in these situations is redirecting their focus towards toys and books readily available to calm their nerves. Unfortunately, these items lack the open-ended creativity required to serve as anything more than a temporary solution. 

A rising star in the pediatric industry, whiteboards offer children a fully immersed creative experience. This product is ideal for stimulating imagination through a low-maintenance canvas. When combined with non-toxic, washable, dry erase markers, whiteboards allow nervous toddlers to explore exciting new landscapes and combat waiting room anxiety simultaneously. In addition to this feature, whiteboards can also benefit a child’s social skills, color and texture awareness, focus, and self-esteem. 

The writing is on the wall – when it comes to pediatric environments, whiteboards provide children with peace of mind and the perfect creative outlet.  

Learn more:
Posted: 10/9/2018 3:46:52 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments

The benefits of wall protection

Hospitals can never escape the inevitable; the constant maintenance to walls. In busy environments such as a hospital, wall damage is a continual issue. Doors and plaster board walls can easily be damaged, be it scrapes and knocks as people pass, or more serious dents and holes caused by wheeled traffic. Not only does this lead to ongoing maintenance costs but it can create a breeding ground for bacteria.

It is good for your business to invest in a long-term solution with low maintenance, less cleaning and fewer repairs. Below are 5 benefits of choosing Altro Whiterock wall protection:

Ensuring a hygienic environment

The American Institute of Architects recommends that wall finishes should be free of fissures, open joints or crevices that may retain or permit the passage of dirt and particles. These areas can retain moisture and provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria are roughly 80-90% water and require moisture to obtain nutrients and grow. Installing Altro Whiterock, an impervious, fully bonded wall sheet, ensures that minimal moisture is present.

Altro Whiterock’s internal and external angles are thermoformed on site, avoiding the need for unsightly corner trims which are potential dirt traps and difficult to clean. Thermoformed corners and angles provide a much more hygienic surface than the grouted joints associated with tiles, which require an aggressive cleaning regime. Thermoformed corners maintain the same level of impact resistance as the standard product, which is particularly important, as corners tend to receive most knocks.

We have designed a fully integrated system to make cleaning and maintenance easier for you. Altro Whiterock creates a fully integrated, watertight and fully sealed environment giving bacteria nowhere to hide. No gaps or rough edges, just a smooth, uninterrupted surface – even around electrical outlets, light switches and corners.

Don't let maintenance control your budget

Consider that a hospital has 90 patient rooms servicing 360 beds and the savings in time and cost add up significantly. This solution means the Hospital gets their long awaited refurbishment and minimize down time, lost revenue and of course disruption to their patients.

Minimize downtime and closure of wards 

Wall protection systems are designed to minimize the risk of damage caused by bumps, scratches, marks and dings from wheelchairs, beds and carts. Puncture holes and deep gouges into the walls require regular filling, sanding and painting. The repair process can take 4 days or more, often requiring the whole wall to be re-painted, causing disruption to patient care.

The reason many hospitals put off refurbishments is they had not found any solution to avoid lengthy shut downs. An Altro wall solution has proven to be one to two days quicker than any other refurbishment process they have considered.

Keeping it clean

Our hygienic wall protection has impermeable surfaces which are easy to keep clean. With regular cleaning and maintenance using traditional solutions, Altro walls do not allow bacteria to hide and grow.

Close the gaps in quality

Irresponsible installation of walling solutions can cause serious problems. Tile manufacturers specify that both water resistant adhesives and epoxy grouts should be used. It’s not easy to ascertain whether they have been used until, of course, it’s too late. With the impervious surface of Altro Whiterock, what you see is what you get.
All of Altro's Whiterock wall sheet installers are trained to Altro’s high standards. So you can rest assured that you’re in expert hands from start to finish.

Unfortunately, it’s not something you can rely on when specifying ceramic tiles. Figures published by the Ceramic Tile Federation reveal that up to 65% of all tile installations are fixed incorrectly.

Posted: 10/23/2018 3:17:30 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments