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Achieve USP 797 + USP 800 compliance with floor and wall solutions from Altro

Achieve USP 797 + USP 800 compliance with floor and wall solutions from AltroUSP 800 will become official in December of 2019. Introducing multiple new requirements for pharmacies, the new legislation is intended to protect pharmacists, nurses, pharmacy technicians, and others from the potential carcinogenic and teratogenic effects of hazard drugs (HDs).

Your business is to develop and deliver safe and effective pharmaceuticals to the marketplace. Our business is to provide you with durable, hygienic interior finishes that will support your work.  Protect your personnel with a safer environment to handle chemotherapy medications and other hazardous drugs by achieving USP 797 + USP 800 compliance with Altro’s hygienic floor and wall system.

If you act last-minute to comply with the new legislation, you risk a slew of disruptive effects, including increased costs, inopportune facility downtime, federal litigation, and more. Minimize your risk by taking early, proactive steps to be compliant with USP 800. 

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Posted: 10/25/2017 6:52:22 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments