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Altro Atlas 40 covers up failing epoxy

Altro Atlas 40 covers up failing epoxy at East Central International School District

James Cosper doesn’t specify flooring, but that didn’t stop Altro Regional Representative Kelli Weiblen from scoring an entire San Antonio school district’s kitchen flooring project.

Mid-June 2015, after receiving Cosper’s contact information from a foodservice consultant’s website, Weiblen set up an appointment at his home office. Here Weiblen learned he didn’t specify flooring, but San Antonio-area architects and interior designers often ask him for alternatives to epoxy or quarry tile flooring. Perfect.

Sending him everything but the kitchen sink (though the flooring could be used under one), Cosper was soon the proud owner of Altro commercial kitchen binders and brochures detailing our expertise in the area, and several of our safety flooring samples.

Half a year went by until Weiblen heard anything back. Early January 2016, she received a phone call from Barry Sturrock of San Antonio-based Piwonka-Sturrock Architects regarding a project at East Central International School District (ECISD). At last, a lead from her meeting with Cosper.

The two convened on January 19, and after looking through our products and installation procedures, Sturrock grew interested in the robust and hard-wearing Altro Atlas 40 sheet vinyl safety flooring. Four different schools in the San Antonio school district had failing epoxy floors, so the firm sought a strong and resilient alternative. Altro safety flooring’s ability to be installed right over existing floors was enticing.

Both Piwonka-Sturrock and the school district elected to move forward with Altro Atlas 40, color Quarry Red.

On June 2, the initial order was shipped and the installation process began at the first school - Salado Middle School. Larry McLaughlin, Altro Technical Representative, joined Weiblen at the job site on June 20, meeting with the architect, general contractor and flooring contractor to review any questions to ensure a successful installation. McLaughlin stayed on site the rest of the week with the flooring contractor.

The remaining Altro Atlas 40 was delivered on July 11, and the other three schools were completed in time for the start of the school year on August 22.

Our customer service doesn’t quit after successful material delivery, however. Altro Technical Services Manager Skip Johnson, McLaughlin and Weiblen conducted a cleaning webinar on August 19, and Weiblen held an in-person cleaning and maintenance seminar at two ECISD locations.

The end user and kitchen staff had nothing but positive comments for our technical support, customer service and, of course, the flooring.

Posted: 10/5/2016 7:03:27 PM by Lea Charnley | with 0 comments