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Trends in commercial floors and walls: wood you rather…

Trends in commercial floors and walls banner

The continued growth and changes in modern healthcare have a major impact on the trends of commercial flooring. Architectural principles like biophilic design mandate that healthcare facilities make more home-like and deinstitutionalized spaces. This effects everything in the building, from the lighting, to the furniture to the floors and walls as well.

Recent advancements with film print technology have caused an explosion in wood, stone, carpet, and metallic visuals in both vinyl sheet and tile flooring.  Wood-look vinyl flooring options look more realistic than ever before. We’ve seen this evidenced by the explosion of LVT (luxury vinyl tile) which remains the fastest growing flooring category on the market.

With the addition of comfort backed and acoustic products, we are seeing vinyl installed in areas where it has never been before. Resident rooms in senior living facilities are now choosing comfort-backed vinyl flooring over carpet because it provides a home-like appearance without any of carpet’s negatives.

We’ve seen these same trends expand to wall protection as well. Patterned or film print wall panels are a popular option, with an emphasis on wood and metallic designs. We expect to see a continued growth in this product category as developments in technology allow for limitless possibilities.  

Posted: 10/9/2018 4:44:26 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments