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Altro products are HACCP Certified

Altro products are HACCP certified blog banner

Each year, 76 million people in the U.S. get sick from contaminated food. Research shows that the contamination of surfaces is the fifth leading cause of food poisoning.

To prove a surface is food-safe, Hazard Analysis Critical Point (HACCP) certification can be issued. HACCP is a systematic approach to food safety that addresses risks presented by physical, chemical and biological hazards through prevention rather than finished product inspection. A non-food product, such as a floor, wall or other interior finish can be HACCP certified. 

Altro’s products are one of the few worldwide flooring and walling products to have achieved HACCP International certification for non-food services and supplies.

Products that demonstrate food safety excellence in design, materials and manufacture may carry the HACCP International certification mark, confirming their fitness for purpose in food processes governed by the HACCP program. 

Slip resistance and cleanliness are a major part of kitchen safety, but the prevention of surfaces from harboring bacteria cannot be ignored. With a product that is both slip resistant and HACCP certified, you get the best of slip and fall safety combined with resistance from food contamination.

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Posted: 3/1/2017 3:56:12 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments