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LVT embossing styles

Choosing whether you want your LVT installation to be a wood or stone look is half the battle – the embossing style of each type will further dictate the details of your finished flooring. Our Altro Lavencia LVT features six different embossing styles to further help you procure the design you desire.


While other wood embosses are random, registered emboss is stamped to directly follow the grain pattern, creating a realistic look and texture.  Registered is a sought after emboss due to its stark realism.

Hand Scraped
A heavier, more organic wood emboss that creates a linear demarcation across the plank. 

Saw Cut 
The roughest of wood embosses, similar to rough sewn timbers.

A mostly smooth wood emboss with a slight texture, akin to an old, traditional oak or maple hardwood.


This matte finish is used for stone and textile looks in which a gloss finish would look out of place. A flat, ordinary emboss with no special features.

A natural stone emboss with slight stippling to appear like natural travertine.

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Posted: 7/19/2017 4:19:41 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments