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Hygiene sans triclosan

The removal of triclosan and other biocides from cleaning agents

Whether you’ve noticed or not, your go-to soap no longer says “anti-microbial” and “anti-bacterial” on the labels. While you won’t see anything change about your everyday body wash, the removal of such additives are a positive step forward in health and hygiene. 

Soap manufacturers have been phasing these ingredients out for some time now. To enforce the change, starting in September 2017, the federal government will enact a nationwide ban on triclosan and 18 once-beloved anti-bacterial chemicals that had been used in soaps and other cleaning agents for many years. The ban stems from Minnesota’s 2014 landmark decision to prohibit the use of triclosan and anti-microbials statewide, and was implemented January 1, 2017.    

While research began to show triclosan could disrupt hormones and bodily functions, routine use of it – and other biocides – can create more resistant bacteria.    

By removing triclosan and friends, the risk of generating stronger bacteria lessens, leading to improvements in healthcare facilities’ hygiene, and, correlatively, we have seen it factor into to the decrease of HAIs.

Nick Alexandropoulos, Marketing Communications Specalist

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Posted: 2/22/2017 3:05:59 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments