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How to choose flooring for schools: and the things to consider

The flooring you choose for your school can have a tremendous influence on its learning environment. Determining the right product is important for serving the educational needs of students and for the long-term operating and maintenance budget. 

When choosing flooring for the classroom and flooring for the school you should consider: the cost, the durability of the product, its ability to block noise, safety and slip resistance as well as design. 

Prior to searching for flooring products a budget should be established both for the installation and the long term maintenance. Some things to factor in are life span and durability along with care and maintenance. Often a more upfront frugal option can have a higher back end cost and vice versa.

Durability and the life-cycle costs should be considered in the budget planning but some additional things to consider are:

•    Can the floor last for a long time under normal conditions and use?
•    Does the product suit the needs of high traffic areas such as classrooms, laboratories and corridors?
•    Can it resist stains, scratches and scuffs over a long period of time?

Vinyl composition tile (VTC) is often recommended for durability over its life span. 

Ability to block noise
Extra noise from outside or even inside the classroom can create a distraction to students and administrators alike. This negatively effects learning and has a direct impact on the students and the quality of education.

Safety and slip resistance 
If safety is of a concern, choosing flooring with slip resistance to reduce the risks of falls should be considered.

The design of a classroom and school plays a significant role in the learning environment for students. To view a great visual of this data, check out this awesome inforgraphic from elearning. 
In summary:
When choosing the best flooring options for your school(s) consider the following:

•    The importance of noise reduction 
•    How durable and easy to clean they need to be depending on traffic
•    The risk of falling in the area
•    The risk of spills and stains such as in science labs


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Posted: 3/1/2016 7:51:55 AM by Lea Charnley | with 0 comments