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December 2018

Things to consider when selecting hospital floors and walls

Things to consider when selecting hospital floors and walls banner

Two of the most important elements in any type of construction or renovation are floors and walls. In many buildings, it all comes down to choosing products with durability and good looks. However, in a hospital setting, there is much more to think about. 

What are the most important aspects to consider? We’ve chosen a few things you should make certain to keep in mind when you are selecting flooring or walls for new construction or renovation within a hospital.
  • Durability - In a hospital, durability is a must. The floor and wall surface will need to stand up to heavy use on a day-to-day basis. Due to the environment, hospital flooring will likely be cleaned and disinfected several times a day. As such, the surface should not be damaged from cleaning materials. Prioritize surfaces that are durable, but not too harsh.
  • Safety - Choosing surfaces for hospital floors and walls that is not prone to slips is very important. Simultaneously, particular care must be given to the transition from one room to another or from a room into a hallway. This means creating thresholds that are easy to maneuver and choosing surfaces that are easy to walk on, even when the room changes.
  • Comfort - Patients and employees may spend hours in a room or office. The flooring should be comfortable for walking or standing, and the color scheme (discussed later) should be comforting to the patients.
  • Hygiene - As mentioned previously, cleanliness is paramount in a hospital setting.  Choosing floors and walls that do not hold in bacteria and other contaminants will make it much easier to keep clean and will assure a healthier environment for all. In general, smooth surfaces are easier to keep clean and hygienic, but some textured materials may work in the right environment.
  • Color - Color within a hospital is more important than you may think. Choosing soothing colors will keep patients calmer during an already stressful situation. In addition, soothing colors make for a better work experience for all employees. For example, earth tones promote stability and warmth, while greens are reminiscent of balance, healing and nature. 
  • Design - One additional thing to keep in mind when choosing floors and walls is biophilic design. Studies have shown that natural images and nature will not only improve mood, but it may help with the healing process and make employees more productive. This is biophilic design at its simplest.
As you can see, there are many things to consider when the time comes to choose healthcare floors and walls--particularly in a hospital setting. Discover in depth solutions for your hospital here.

Download the selecting floors and walls for hospitals infographic

Posted: 12/4/2018 5:35:04 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments

Is your bus floor as safe as you think?

As an organization dedicated to achieving a zero-harm culture, we are dedicated not only to helping our customers reach their business targets, but also to making safety a number one priority. In order to achieve better fuel economy, a lighter weight bus floor is the obvious choice - but are all the aspects you need in a safe transport floor upheld over time and heavy-duty usage?

Combining the engineering skills and innovative thinking of our technical team with the in-depth knowledge of the industry from our sales representatives, we have achieved a lighter-weight product line without affecting the level of safety our floors offer, nor any of their physical properties. While lightweight components are important to the specification of your vehicles, this should not come at the cost of the safety of your passengers.

Why safety?

We believe that safety should be your utmost concern when putting together your bus or coach. With the combined risks of wet weather, standing passengers, and a moving vehicle, the chances of a slip on any bus can be significant.

According to APTA, between 2009 and 2013 there were 43,539 onboard injuries on buses and trains. These types of incidents leave operators open to compensation claims. In 2015 alone,  $1.1 billion was given out as compensation across all US transit industries.

All Altro transport safety floors offer a sustained PTV of ≥36 – a valuable quality which you can find published on all of our technical data. In order to protect your passengers as much as possible, ensure that all floor coverings have at least a PTV of 36 or higher from new, and that this is sustained above this level for the life of the product. Only then can you be sure that you are mitigating slip risks to one in a million.

By choosing an Altro floor for your vehicle, you are making a demonstrable commitment to the safety of your passengers, journey after journey, step after step.
Posted: 12/17/2018 7:02:52 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments

Altro Lavencia works miracles for Trinity United Church of Christ

The Trinity United Church of Christ has firmly established itself as a foundation for furthering worship and social justice in Chicago’s South Side. With a ministry dedicated to providing relief from modern societal epidemics including hunger, mass incarceration and insufficient access to healthcare, this organization is a beacon of hope for the community it serves.

When preparing to renovate their chapel flooring, Trinity UCC required a solution similar to their existing carpeting with greater durability and comfort underfoot. A consultation with Jeanne Franks, a designer from Brook Architecture, revealed the answer to their prayers – Altro Lavencia Plus

Altro Lavencia Plus is an attractive, high-quality luxury vinyl tile constructed to withstand medium to heavy foot traffic with an impressive range of realistic finishes.

Aesthetic consistency was a key factor in determining the ideal flooring solution for the chapel. “I needed an LVT plank to match the oak wainscoting on the walls of the chapel,” Franks explained. “The (Altro Lavencia Plus) Carolina Spalted Cherry was a great color match and worked well with the existing oak finish. I also needed a matching nosing for the stairs on the altar and the Altro nosing was perfect.”

Franks collaborated with the Chicago area’s Altro sales representative to obtain the material while PCI FlorTech handled the installation. “Trinity removed the pews before the LVT installation and the new flooring transformed the chapel,” she concluded. 

Discover Altro Lavencia moldings

Posted: 12/19/2018 7:31:48 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments