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Safe now, but not later: the importance of sustained slip resistance

Most tests don’t tell the whole story
Safety flooring may meet slip resistance standards when first installed, but some products aren’t made to last. Be it five years, two years or even less than a year later, damage and contamination can decimate flooring’s slip resistance.
Most standards only test products fresh from the factory – meaning products are evaluated with factory finishes that benefit slip resistance but can wear away over time. United States slip resistance test standards aren’t the most accurate, as they only measure dry results, not wet. This does not account for real world conditions, as most slips happen on wet, contaminated surfaces. Therefore, we test our products to US, UK and European standards.
To better simulate years of wear and tear, we test our floors with the SATRA Pedatron Test.1 Using a shoe, the Pedatron measures the effect of one million steps over a confined area of flooring. Slip resistance is tested before and after, and many products’ results remain the same.
Qualities of flooring with sustained slip resistance:
It’s in the particles

Flooring with slip resistance particles throughout ensures slip resistance will not wear down quickly. Products with embossed surfaces or topical coating all wear away over time - initially meeting standards but failing later. This leaves users at greater risk and site owners vulnerable to claims.
All our slip resistant flooring is produced with those slip resistance particles, so you have no fear of the slip resistance fading away before next year. We take sustained slip resistance so seriously that we tested a floor installed 35 years ago, and, even at 35 years old, the results came back the same as a brand new Altro slip resistant floor.
If you are involved in specifying flooring, even if you’re planning to install the same type of flooring again, you have an obligation to ensure the safety of those using that building – now and in the future.

1 See the SATRA Pedatron test in action here

Posted: 12/14/2015 4:37:44 PM by Lea Charnley | with 0 comments