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August 2019

Laying LVT in unique patterns

Altro Lavencia LVT is a stylish, low-maintenance option for areas with consistently heavy traffic. With an impressive selection of films to choose from including classic wood tones, coordinating stones, brights and modern organic looks, Altro Lavencia is the premier LVT for commercial applications. 

With all that in mind, Altro Lavencia can also be laid out ordinarily or in unique patterns, adding yet another way to improve aesthetic without the need to order special cuts from the manufacturer.  As always, all installation procedures in our flooring installation guide must be adhered to regardless of the pattern you choose.

Download these patterns in PDF format.












 All installation procedures outlined in our flooring installation guide must be adhered to regardless of the pattern you choose.

Posted: 8/8/2019 7:42:29 AM by Jenn Lawson | with 0 comments

Exploring 100 years of Altro

On the latest episode of Interiors + Sources "I Hear Design" podcast, Jane Rodhe, one of the most influential women in Interior Design, interviews our very own Susan Drew. 

Susan is the Market Segment Manager for Senior Living and Residential Care and shares how evidence and research are used to influence Altro's product performance and how we continue to approach aesthetics that create appropriate senior living environments. 

Posted: 8/1/2019 6:37:56 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments

3 tips to know before installing LVT

LVT installed

The look and feel of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) creates the ambience of an expensive look yet giving you the creativity to choose from a variety of patterns and colors. LVT is softer and feels warmer underfoot than ceramic tiles. The added benefit? It’s easier to replace if damaged and easier to work around cabinets, existing door openings and transitions thanks to its low profile. It also can be installed on most existing floors!

Always make sure that you are working with a clean, smooth, flat and dry floor/sub-floor.

Below are tips to know before installing LVT.

  • Acclimate the flooring a minimum of 24 hours before installation.
  • Make sure to leave ¼” space around all walls, cabinets and any obstacles in the floor.
  • Measure the room to determine where you will end up on the last row. If the planks/tiles in the last row are less than 2-3” wide, you’ll want to adjust in the first row. 
Posted: 8/30/2019 4:04:16 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments