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April 2020

Imagery in behavioral and mental health facilities 

Imagery in behavioral and mental health facilities

Biophillia in Behavioral and mental health 

Evidence-based design studies support that the use of realistic and natural art can be beneficial in behavioral and mental health facilities. Access to nature and natural images can provide a positive distraction, which can have a therapeutic healing effect as well as reduce patient anxiety and agitation. 

Incorporating elements of nature into interior layouts is known as biophillia, the primary focus of biophillic design. Biophilic design involves creating spaces that help support comfort and promote wellness. In fact, nature-based imagery is considered a beneficial tool for use in designing spaces for behavioral health facilities. 

Careful use of imagery 

The correct and careful use of imagery cannot be understated. What may seem pleasant and peaceful to a staff member or caregiver could be alarming in the eyes of a resident. Experience has shown that close up imagery of natural settings works better in behavioral and mental health environments than scenic landscapes. For example, seeing a tree or a leaf rather than the whole forest, or a single flower versus a far off meadow. These images tend to provide the connection to nature while limiting the potential for harmful interpretation.  

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Temporary and modular healthcare design

Temporary and modular healthcare design

Over the years, healthcare has shifted towards a goal of expanding coverage to better care for the population around them. This shift has led to the increased popularity in temporary and modular models for facility design and function. 

What exactly are the benefits to these structures as compared to more traditional building standards? By its nature, modular design helps healthcare facilities standardize their spaces – making their functionality easily suited to the needs of their staff and patients. With very little deviation from model to model, hospitals cut their installation time in half with prefabricated rooms that allow for better cost management, less material waste and faster installation.

Temporary clinics are more or less the same, but with a more mobile approach to modular healthcare design. Where travel is limited but the resources are needed, temporary clinics are an invaluable resource to the communities they reach. These structures have to have a quick turnaround time for building and disassembling. 

In both cases, the ability to minimize waste and expedite build times are paramount to their success. Altro adhesive-free flooring and Altro wall coverings guarantee a quick installation without compromising on safety, durability or hygiene. With adhesive-free solutions, there is immediate benefit from use the same day as installation but the comfort of knowing your floors can be removed and reused easily. 

If your installation needs to be fully-encapsulated, or hygienically-sealed, we recommend pairing our adhesive-free floors with Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding system or Altro Whiterock Matte. If hygienic sealing is not essential, protect walls against abuse from high-traffic with the Altro Puraguard wall protection system – which helps provide a lower cost and overall faster installation.

Learn more about our expedited installation techniques and our solutions for temporary and modular healthcare.
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Ten reasons to choose Altro adhesive-free flooring

In 2009 Altro launched the world’s first adhesive-free safety floor. With over 10 years’ experience of working with our adhesive-free floors, we have designed and produced three ranges of adhesive-free flooring: Altro Cantata, award winning Altro XpressLay and the brand-new Altro Wood adhesive-free.
So in celebration of these recent additions to our Altro adhesive-free flooring range, we came up with ten reason why adhesive-free flooring is the one to choose for your next project.
Range of design options and colors
Across all of our adhesive-free flooring ranges, there are over 70 inspirational and decorative solutions for a host of application areas.
Helping you meet sustainability goals
Altro adhesive-free flooring is a sustainable choice, made with 10% recycled content, helping to preserve the world’s natural resources. It contains a bioplasticiser from a renewable resource and for this reason also considered as green productshelping to reduce your carbon footprint. No use of adhesive means that it is 100% recyclable post-consumer.
Sound reduction and comfort underfoot
The Altro Wood adhesive-free range offers 14dB impact sound reduction, great for noisy environments, plus comfort underfoot.
Giving reassurance and expertise
With 15-year life expectancy and 10-year warranty you needn’t fear that an adhesive-free product will let you down.
Keep it clean 
Our new cleaning technology helps to reduce general dirt pick-up and staining and improves the floor’s scuff-resistance so you need fewer abrasive cleaning products.
Lays flat, stays flat
Altro adhesive-free vinyl lays flat, even without an adhesive to stick it in place So you can roll away without the floor rolling up – no rucking, no movement.
Save time
With an adhesive-free floor’s speed of installation you can easily return to service within 24 hours. Closing a busy space for a lengthy period is not an option, so by installing an adhesive-free floor the job can be completed quickly so that traffic flow is uninterrupted.
Save money
Save costs on disposal by diverting your waste from landfill or recycling the floor and reusing it. With no odors from adhesive and no liquid DPMs, there is no need to provide costly ventilation equipment for affected areas. As a DPM is not required the floor can be laid over a damp substrate up to 98% RH, removing the need to wait for the substrate to dry and saving labor and materials costs for your client

Easy maintenance
An adhesive-free floor is a great problem-solver. Subfloors will stay clean from adhesive; and easy access to the subfloors for maintenance or repairs means less damage to floors and walls.
Performance guaranteed
We know that our adhesive-free flooring won’t let you down. But don’t take our word for it. Altro adhesive-free floors have been through rigorous performance testing so you can rest assured that it will perform as stated for its lifetime.
For more information on our Adhesive free flooring, click here
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