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The sound of silence: The importance of sound absorbing finishes in commercial flooring

While often overlooked, noise pollution is a problem for many workplaces. Excess noise can lead to stress, decreased productivity and poor communication. Exposure to noise pollution can also have a substantial impact on your health. Studies have shown that noise pollution can induce hearing impairment, cardiovascular disorders and stress-related disorders. Research also suggests that noise-induced stress could account for about 6% of headaches at work.

With such a profoundly negative effect on employees and patients, many healthcare facilities are looking towards sound reduction options when considering flooring. For patients, these moves lead to improved recovery time, rest, medical accuracy and reduce the rate of rehospitalization. Staff also benefit from the noise reduction, leading to reduced fatigue, emotional exhaustion, burnout and stress.

Historically if you wanted sound reduction flooring options, you would be looking strictly at carpet selections. Now there are hygienic, resilient flooring options that can make an impact as well. Altro offers sound reduction flooring with color match and design so you can customize the level of reduction between areas while remaining consistent. The Altro Wood collection provides a warm, comfortable look and two sound reduction options of 15db or 19db. Similarly, Altro Orchestra and Altro Serenade offer 15db or 19db sound reduction respectively while coordinating with each other and Altro Operetta.
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By: Nadia Rodriguez

Posted: 4/16/2019 4:18:52 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments