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April 2018

Replace those cove base finishing caps with Altro Whiterock

Replace those cove base finishing caps with Altro Whiterock

According to the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), hospital compounding pharmacies are being cited and reported for vinyl flooring coved bases ending in a cove base finishing cap. While these compounding pharmacies are using the preferred seamless flooring options, the ones that end in finished cove base caps can pose issues with dust and bacteria settling in the corners. 

A cove base finishing cap is a little plastic ledge, and is one way of terminating vinyl flooring to an unfinished wall. Though the gaps are tiny, debris can still find its way into the corners, potentially rendering any hygienic properties the vinyl flooring provides obsolete. That’s a problem when you don’t work with a company like Altro that also supplies hygienic wall panels! 

Altro Whiterock, Altro’s hygienic wall panels, can help to alleviate this issue using the floor to wall overlap transition method. The flooring is coved 6-8 inches up the wall, depending on the cove size, and installing Altro Whiterock with a 2 inch overlap, and then then finished with our Altro Whiterock Sanitary Sealant. 

floor to wall overlap transition method

With USP 800 expected to become the standard on December 1, 2019, ASHE urges that compounding facilities need a way around these finishing caps. 

With Altro Whiterock, cove base finishing caps won’t put a cap on your hygiene. 

Posted: 4/12/2018 2:16:38 PM by Jesse Wade | with 0 comments