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Warrington Hospital

Altro Cantata adhesive-free flooring is tough time saving solution at Warrington Hospital

Altro Cantata

Altro Cantata adhesive-free flooring is already demonstrating its capabilities at Warrington Hospital, saving time and cost while providing a robust solution in a busy non-clinical corridor.

Lee Bushell, the hospital’s acting head of capital projects, says: “The service corridor is an area that gets an enormous amount of traffic. It’s in constant use during the day.

“After many years of this treatment, the existing vinyl flooring was really showing the strain. It looked tired, scruffy and we needed to find a hard wearing, affordable long term solution that could be laid with minimal disruption in this busy area.

“We have a very good relationship with Altro, and their flooring is proving very successful elsewhere in the hospital, so we asked them to have a look at the corridor and give us some guidance.

“They suggested we use their new Altro Cantata adhesive-free flooring because it could be laid straight down onto the existing flooring, without adhesive, which would mean a fast installation.

“Altro Cantata has delivered a massive saving in cost, and the corridor was back in full use the next morning.

“It is standing up to the demands well with no signs of movement, bubbling or rippling, which proves it truly is a long term solution and not just a temporary fix. Very impressive.

“In terms of aesthetics, the flooring looks superb. There are some great color choices with Altro Cantata.

“Cleaning is proving to be a revelation. The black scuffs and wheel marks from the rolling carts were always tough to remove on the old flooring.

“But we are delighted to report that the flooring looks like new after every nightly cleaning regime, and even the stubborn black wheel marks are gone. Scrubbing machines and buffers are doing a wonderful job, with no damage.

“Sustainability is also an important factor for us. Because Altro Cantata is an adhesive-free floor it means that in the future, if we need to make repairs, we can simply cut out a section and replace it, without having to re-lay the entire area. And the product is 100% recyclable as well.

“Overall, Altro Cantata is meeting all our needs in terms of cost saving, durability, looks and hygiene. This is vital at a time when the National Health Service (NHS) is looking to make savings where possible, while also maintaining the highest standards.”

Altro Cantata was installed at Warrington Hospital by Cheshire Contract Flooring Ltd. Director Dave Hunt says: “We specialize in installing flooring in healthcare environments, so we completely understand the pressures in terms of timing, cost and often sensitive environments.

“The beauty of Altro Cantata is that it can be laid straight down on to the subfloor, or existing flooring, with minimal preparation. It’s an ideal product for busy areas with heavy traffic where quick installation is paramount.

“We are very impressed with Altro Cantata and we’ll certainly be recommending it for our future projects.”

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