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St. Francois d’Assise Hospital

As grand as it seams

Altro Whiterock™

Dishwashing and laundry rooms – not typically at the forefront of hospital danger areas, but any small crack where water is present can create a breeding ground for bacteria.

St. Francois d’Assise Hospital sought to renovate their dishwashing and laundry rooms into one area, and, being both the largest university hospital and teaching center in Quebec, the combined space turned quite expansive. In such a large environment with water and potential germs from stained garments and breadcrumbs, a durable, hygienic and water-resistant solution was paramount.

Building Technician for St. Francois, Josée Lagacé, said Altro Whiterock was the best solution for an area in need of damage resistance, moisture mitigation and hygiene.

“It’s a wonderful product for durability and robustness,” Josée said, too remarking on the no-mold installation due to weld rod seams. Germs and bacteria can congregate in cracks and crevices between wall panels, so a product with heat welded seams is necessary to put those bacterial homes into foreclosure.

The homogeneous look and easier maintenance due to those seams is another great aspect of Altro Whiterock, Josée added.

The hospital had installed Altro Whiterock in an operating room many years ago, and the wall paneling is still protecting it to this day. This longevity of excellent service too influenced St. Francois’s decision for more Altro Whiterock in their facility.

The architect involved was DG3A Architecture of Quebec City, Quebec, and the Altro Whiterock was installed by Pelletier Déco-Surfaces, also of Quebec City.

“Altro Whiterock is the perfect solution for a rugged environment where a watertight and easy to clean product is required,” Josée said.

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