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Rochelle Community Hospital

A clean sweep at Rochelle Community Hospital

Altro Symphonia

In a race between two floors, Altro’s terrific testimonials left the competition on skates.

Rochelle Community Hospital (RCH), a not-for-profit hospital in downtown Rochelle, Illinois, had a choice between two floors for their state-of-the-art operating rooms – and after references and a cleanability test, picked Altro Symphonia in color Frozen.

A competitor’s floor was to be installed, but RCH reached out to other Illinois facilities and received nothing but good recommendations for our products. OSF Healthcare, a healthcare network serving both Illinois and Michigan that had used our flooring in the past, spoke highly of us and was the reference that earned the job.

Aside from gathering references, RCH’s concerns included cleaning and durability. They tested a sample of Altro Symphonia with betadine – a common healthcare substance known for staining – and loved how well the floor cleaned.

RCH had 1,000 square yards of Altro Symphonia installed in the operating rooms and back of house surgery area, the job completed by Illinois-based contractor Carpetland USA.

In both practice and design, when it comes to details, operating rooms can’t just let it go – Altro Symphonia delivers on cleaning, looks and performance.

Download the Rochelle Community Hospital PDF