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Motion Orthopaedics

Orthopaedic health center chooses Altro floors and walls

Altro Symphonia, Altro Whiterock Matte, Altro Whiterock wall designs 

Wentzville, Missouri, USA - Founded in 2013, Motion Orthopaedics provides world-class, comprehensive care for musculoskeletal-related injuries. Located in Missouri, the practice currently has 10 physicians with over 100 years of combined experience in the St. Louis market. Its surgeons specialize in sports medicine and the treatment of shoulder, elbow, hip and knee injuries.

Architecture and Interior Design firm Gray Design Group worked closely with Altro sales and technical representatives to find a floor and wall solution that was durable, easy-to-clean, medical-grade and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, Motion Orthopaedics wanted the floors to be slip-resistant and seamlessly transition to the wall cladding. To meet these needs, Gray Design Group decided to go with Altro.

For the walls, they selected both Altro Whiterock Matte in the color Pearl and Altro Whiterock wall designs in the color Soft Woodgrain. Altro Whiterock Matte was specifically designed to protect busy spaces, preventing dents and holes caused from wheeled traffic. This was important for Motion Orthopaedics, as all their equipment is mobile.

Altro Whiterock wall designs combines the durability, hygiene and resilience of Altro Whiterock wall panels and enhances any commercial interior with its attractive visuals.

“I was most impressed with the [Altro Whiterock wall designs] Soft Woodgrain panels […] they look stunning in each patient bay,” said Melody Cooper of Gray Design Group.

For the floors, Altro Symphonia was selected in the colors Chipmunk and Koala as these two colors enhanced the neutral aesthetic within the building, as well coordinating exceptionally with the wall cladding. This created an interior that not only looked good but was safe for their patients and staff. Altro Symphonia’s smooth yet slip-resistant surface meant that not only would the floors be easy to maintain and sanitize but it would offer suitable traction underfoot and protect staff from slips - a feature Motion Orthopaedics was keen on from the start of the project.

Altro Whiterock Matte, Altro Whiterock wall designs and Altro Symphonia’s combination of hygienic, low-maintenance and pleasing tones made this a perfect choice for the project renovation and was exactly as envisioned by the designers.

Now that Motion Orthopaedics is equipped with a lasting floor and wall solution, they can continue to offer their patients comprehensive care for years to come. 

Download the Motion Orthopaedics PDF