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Medical device cleanroom

Canadian medical device company selects Altro Whiterock wall cladding for cleanroom

The manufacturing of medical devices is a very precise and intensely scrutinized business. With quality and cost pressures coming from the government, the public, and investors the design requirements of these facilities are very specific.

A Western Canadian medical device company was in need of a remodel. Because of the nature of these products, hygienic performance was a strict requirement of any interior finish used.

The facility wanted to switch away from epoxy resin paint because over time, as the building settled, the rooms would develop spider cracks. These cracks compromised the hygienic envelope and this was unacceptable. Each time cracks appeared it would create increased maintenance, cleaning, and repair.

The facility needed an alternative product that wouldn’t develop these same issues. They chose Altro Whiterock as the solution. Unlike epoxy paint, Altro Whiterock won’t chip, crack, or split apart as the building settles. It is also extremely impact resistant and can withstand serious abuse.

In addition, the ability to thermally bend the material around corners contributed to the superior cleanability of the product, greatly reducing the time previously spent on maintenance, cleaning, and repairs, as well as meeting the concerns of both cost and quality.

The Erv Parent Group, Altro’s distributor and partner in Western Canada, worked closely with the installer, WallPro in Surrey, BC to install over 50 sheets of Altro Whiterock in the company’s ISO rated cleanroom facility.

Download the Medical device cleanroom PDF