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Leading Hospital

Operating rooms get a hygienic makeover with Altro

Altro Whiterock

Melbourne, Australia - Hygiene and ease of cleaning is of the utmost importance when it comes to designing operating rooms, and it’s no surprise Altro Whiterock was chosen for the recent renovations at one of Melbourne’s top hospitals.

An evolution of trends and expectations within healthcare has changed the requirements of today’s operating rooms, as well as other areas that demand superior levels of hygiene. Infection control, patient safety and efficiency are all of increasing importance in these environments.

Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding provides a decorative, practical and hygienic solution for operating rooms. Benefiting from a watertight, impervious surface, Altro Whiterock prevents water ingress, preventing harmful bacteria growth and avoiding structural damage from excess moisture.

These panels can be configured to accommodate existing fixtures and fittings without grout, so the risk of contamination is dramatically reduced. The fully bonded system includes thermoformed corners, giving bacteria nowhere to hide and making it easy-to-clean and disinfect.

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