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Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal

Operation: CHUM Hospital

Altro Whiterock

Calling it a mere renovation would be a colossal disservice: Weighing in at three million square feet and 22 stories tall, the award-winning Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (the University of Montreal Hospital Center, better known as CHUM) is one of Canada’s largest hospitals.

Completed in the fall of 2017, this 12,000 room (with 900 patient rooms) project is only phase one, with phase two beginning in 2021.

CHUM’s operating rooms and pharmacies require optimal impact-resistant and hygienic surfaces, so CannonDesign and Neuf Architect(e)s, the designers of both the hospital’s interior and exterior, worked closely with Solflex, a Montreal distributor of Altro products to find products that met their needs.

The multitude of curves, holes, and contact with other surfaces presented Solflex with an enormous technical challenge. They selected the Altro Whiterock wall system as the product of choice to meet these needs.

Being made from 100% pure vinyl, Altro Whiterock is fully thermoformable on site, allowing it to mold to the unique convex and concave corners on the job site without the use of joint pieces creating a monolithic installation.

Additionally, in areas with threats of slipping and falling due to water, soap or other contaminants, a slip resistant floor is necessary. Altro Aquarius, a slip-resistant sheet flooring, was selected for the bathrooms throughout CHUM.

Once installed, Altro Whiterock and Altro Aquarius has no grout or gaps to harbor bacteria, germs and mold — essential for areas of utmost hygienic importance. Used together or apart they create a hygienic, encapsulated system perfect for sterile areas like operating rooms.

Did you know?

Only trained installers that have completed the Altro Whiterock Training Clinic and gained official certification can install Altro Whiterock. Alongside our Quebec distributor Solflex, Altro supervised every step of the installation to ensure the results met the stringent requirements of CHUM Hospital.

Download the CHUM Hospital PDF