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Time, Inc. Food Studios

Short rib, octopus, pork head croquettes - and Altro?

When Southern Living magazine went to throw their 50th anniversary party, Altro was there to back them up.

On January 25, 2016, the Birmingham, Alabama magazine and Time Magazine subsidiary celebrated at Time’s new aptly named Time Food Studios, a 40,000 square foot complex with 28 test kitchens, 13 photo and two video studios and a private dining area.

With the studios’ opening date scheduled for January 2016, Southern Living’s anniversary party also served as its ribboncutting. From short rib, octopus and potato cakes to even pork head croquettes, chefs and food stylists from across the country used the test kitchens Altro had been installed in to prepare banquet-sized feasts.

Food spillage, foot traffic, risk of slips and falls - test kitchens see a lot of abuse. Rigorous testing over time calls for a robust, slip resistant solution, so Time, Inc. chose Altro Atlas 40 for its resilience to wear and staining, as well as slip resistance rating. When you throw a party with celebrated chefs, authors and over 300 guests, everything, from the food to the flooring, needs to be top notch. Of the 28 test kitchens, Altro Atlas 40 was installed in 22.

Time, Inc., the largest magazine publisher in the U.S., owns 29 publications that report on recipes and food. This new complex is part of their continued commitment to accurate food coverage.

Tough, durable, strong - Altro Atlas 40 is made for rigorous, around-the-clock kitchens. So when the inevitable food spills or a heavy rolling load comes crashing down, Altro Atlas 40 will be there to hold it up.

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