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The Shrimp House

The FYI Network’s new show Say it to My Face featured The Shrimp House, a casual dining seafood restaurant near Los Angeles, California, that was recently renovated with Altro Lavencia.

Remodels on Say it to My Face take place in 24 hours, so Altro Lavencia, an adhesive free flooring in the Altro Lavencia LVT collection, was chosen in lieu of flooring with traditional adhesive to meet the strict time constraints.

Say it to My Face is hosted by Andrew Gruel and Anthony Dispensa — young, business minded restaurateurs with a well established chain of restaurants.

The show brings in past patrons that had posted negative feedback via social media to come back in and voice their opinions to the owner of the establishment. In turn Andrew and Anthony help take the constructive criticism and use it to improve the offerings, morale and interior design of the restaurant.

Altro Lavencia high quality luxury vinyl planks and tiles are specifically constructed to handle the tolls of commercial environments. Generous warranties of 20 years commercial and lifetime residential confirm your installation will look beautiful and perform just as well for years to come.

The Shrimp House had their dining room remodeled on the May 14, 2015 episode of the TV Show, “Say it to my Face” — “Showdown in Shrimp Town”.  Click here to view an excerpt from that episode. 

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  • 58 realistic wood grain, stone and fabric visuals to choose from
  • Both traditional glue down and adhesive free options available
  • Seven unique embossing techniques
  • Planks as large as 10” x 60” and tiles up to 18” x 36