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Starbucks, Eckerd College

A venti problem solved

Altro Reliance 25

7:45 a.m. - the barista looks down the ever-increasing line of Eckerd College students piling up, queued out the door and around the corner. While trying to fill every venti iced coffee to the very top quickly, so the students won’t be too late for 8:00 a.m. calculus, she spills some onto the floor.

Ordinarily, a wet floor spells trouble for employees, as the increased risk for slips and falls can lead to painful injury and costly worker compensation. However, with the St. Petersburg school’s Starbucks’ new Altro Reliance 25 slip resistant flooring, in color Jet D2501, baristas can work through the early morning coffee rush at a brisk and efficient pace without compromising safety.

Altro Reliance 25, a 2.5mm thick vinyl sheet flooring, provides a durable, robust and slip resistant solution for commercial areas, giving you reassurance that your employees will be safe at work.

This job was specified and designed by Arc3 Architecture, Inc., based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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