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Grashagsskolan school restaurant, Sweden

Comfortable and hygienic school kitchen in Jönköping

Altro Stronghold, Altro Whiterock White

There are about 150 kitchens in schools and kindergartens in the Municipality of Jönköping. When they have required renovation, where appropriate, Altro Stronghold 30 has been installed. The municipality has now added Altro Whiterock wall panels to kitchens for increased hygiene and safety.

School kitchens in Jönköping have been the subject of a refurbishment program where the oldest kitchens have been updated to today’s standards. The most recent school kitchen to get such a complete renovation and extension is Gräshagsskolan primary school. The school previously had a serving kitchen, but now after the renovation has a full preparation kitchen.

Lina Ekeroth Sandqvist , Quality Developer at the Education Department, was involved in the kitchen renovation. She said: “An employer is responsible to make sure the workplace is safe for the employees. That definitely includes the floors, which must be slip resistant to minimize the risk of slips and falls, even when there are spills of oil and flour and such that occur in a kitchen. Because Altro Stronghold 30 is a 3mm thick floor, it also dampens sound better and therefore creates a more pleasant environment for both staff and students. It is also more comfortable to walk on than traditional hard flooring.

“The hygiene and cleanability were the main reasons to choose Altro Whiterock. It is difficult to keep walls clean where there are joints that serve as hiding places for bacteria. Altro Whiterock has a smooth and seamless surface that is hygienic and easy to clean with a cloth. It was definitely a positive experience and we are very pleased. At the school kitchens which are next in line for a renovating, we want to use the combination of Altro Stronghold 30 and Altro Whiterock.”

One of the chefs at Gräshagsskkolans school kitchens is Pernilla Götesson who works every day in the new kitchen.

“I absolutely agree that the comfort, safety and hygiene are much better after the renovation. Before, both I and other staff often have sore knees after a whole day’s work, but it’s completely gone now with our new soft and slip-resistant floors. Staff are very happy with our new kitchen, it is much easier to keep clean and is more hygienic than the old one.”