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Fourth School Meal Center

Altro flooring keeping school a step ahead

Altro Reliance 25

Nagano, Japan - Japan’s school lunch program goes to extraordinary measures to ensure it provides students with prepared lunches daily. Chefs cook nutritious meals for students usually consisting of carbohydrates, lean protein, vegetables and a dessert. The meals are then sent to classrooms where a group of rostered students serves them accordingly. This helps children to get a real world experience and to learn about nutrition, portion control, community and an appreciation for healthy, locally made food.

Being a food production area, meal centers need to provide a high level of hygiene and safety. A kitchen can be a danger zone. With oil and food scraps falling on the floor, slip and fall risks are at an all-time high. It is important to provide a high level of slip resistance and cleanability, which is why management chose Altro Reliance 25 to be the Fourth School Meal Center’s flooring solution.

Altro’s slip-resistant flooring ranges provide lasting slip resistance, durability and abrasion resistance, along with additional comfort underfoot, ideal for busy catering areas where potential for spills and safety is a major factor. Altro Reliance 25 in particular offers a choice of 26 colors to cover multiple areas with a single solution. It’s robust 2.5mm thickness can cope with high levels of foot and wheeled traffic.

Download the Fourth School Meal Center PDF