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Winslow Junior High School

Downeast Junior High graduates to Altro

Altro Quartz Tile

Winslow, Maine, US - Winslow Junior High School prides itself in helping its students realize their full potential through diverse academic programs as well as accessibility to on-site counseling and guidance to help develop goals for their continued education and eventual career paths.

When the time came to update the facility’s flooring, long-term maintenance costs were a top priority. They wanted a solution that could endure the stress of students traveling daily from one area to the next without the need for continuous upkeep and refinishing, a common occurrence for floors used in these settings. A collaboration with Stephen Blatt Architects, Ledgewood Construction and Maine Contract Flooring led the school to choose Altro Quartz Tile for use throughout its classrooms and corridors.

Altro Quartz Tile is a homogeneous tile available in chip and marble patterns, providing endless design options for commercial applications. This range’s diverse palette allows it to coordinate with school logos and signature colors for a vibrant, cohesive theme. With indentation testing that exceeds 3000 psi, Altro Quartz Tile’s impressive durability is ideal for high-traffic areas, particularly busy learning environments.

Generic VCT products attempt to hide their structural vulnerability with their low installation costs. Unfortunately, the frequent refinishing and resealing required to maintain their appearance can actually cause total costs in under five years to be more than Altro Quartz Tile in ten. Altro Quartz Tile’s superior construction eliminates the need for additional finishes and reduces maintenance costs over time.

Altro Quartz Tile’s combination of aesthetic appeal and low maintenance costs aligned perfectly with the vision behind Winslow Junior High School’s renovations. Equipped with a lasting flooring solution, this Downeast institution can continue its mission of academic excellence uninterrupted.

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