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Upper Moreland School

More durability, more colors, more savings for Upper Moreland School

Altro Quartz Tile

No administrator or official wants where they and students spend from early morning to the afternoon to look tattered and worn, nor do they want their floors to be unsafe. But with constant budget cuts and emphasis toward the cheaper options, school designers are often left cramming.

Enter flooring that may not be the cheapest to install, but the most cost effective to maintain: Altro Quartz Tile. While standard vinyl composition tile (VCT) may look great on paper and feel great on the wallet, the constant maintenance and cleaning can cause years of buyer’s remorse.

Upper Moreland School, located in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, underwent a colossal renovation, constructing a weight room and updating all the classrooms – new science labs, music and art rooms, and even a pool with accompanying locker rooms.

And installed in the hallways throughout Upper Moreland School, connecting it all: 33,000 square feet of Altro Quartz Tile in colors Rock Salt CD, Sunglow CD and Amethyst.

“We wanted a durable product that was better than VCT but not as costly or difficult to maintain as Terrazzo,” said Matthew Malinowski, Business Manager for the Upper Moreland Township School District. “[Altro Quartz Tile] provided a durable surface that was easy to clean at a reasonable price point over VCT or Terrazzo.”

When choosing flooring, cost to buy and initial installation are both important, but if maintenance costs aren’t factored into the equation, a significantly higher amount more can be spent over the life of the chosen floor than a higher quality product. The low maintenance and no-finish-required properties make Altro Quartz Tile a more costeffective solution over time, with possible thousands of dollars in savings over a 10-year life cycle compared to VCT.

The cost-effectiveness aside, Altro Quartz Tile sports durability and wide ranges of looks and styles. With a static load limit that exceeds 3000 psi, these tiles won’t break or crack under immense amounts of foot traffic – the typical foe of many a floor in busy and bustling school hallways between classes.

“The flooring looks great,” Malinowski said. “The tiles integrate well to other design elements, and the variety of colors enabled a design and style around the school’s colors of purple and gold.”

Download the Upper Moreland School PDF