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Andst Children’s and Education Centre

School’s back in session after just one day

Altro Cantata

Andst Children’s and Education Centre, located in the Vejen municipality, was refurbished and expanded in 2014. A new kindergarten was built for the youngest children to attend. Linoleum was installed in the two group activity rooms, which proved unsuitable to handle the tolls of constant student traffic. In just six years, the floor had become so worn and scratched that it needed replacing.

In 2020, the facility made the decision to replace the existing flooring with Altro Cantata. Anders Krogsgaard, Building Engineer for the Vejen Municipality explains: “The kindergarten kitchen and restroom areas used Altro floors, which have performed impeccably. We decided to install an Altro floor in the group activity rooms too, as we could expect it to cope with the daily traffic.”

BT Gulve installed 160m² of Altro Cantata in the two rooms. Altro Cantata is an adhesive-free floor, reducing shutdown length and the amount of time between installation and being able to reopen the space. No adhesive also means no associated odors, making it easier for staff and children to resume their everyday activities. Altro Cantata can also be installed over an existing floor, meaning there was no need to remove the kindergarten’s linoleum flooring, saving even more time. Søren Lildballe, a partner with BT Gulve, said: “The installation went quickly – we were completely finished the same day that we started. Then the kindergarten staff just had to put the furniture back in place, and the rooms were ready for use as before, just much nicer.”

Anders Krogsgaard concludes: “For us, it is a huge advantage that the whole kindergarten could be ready the next day. The floor is easy to clean and, although it has only been in place for a few weeks, the feedback is very positive. Among other things, the Centre feels that the acoustics have improved in the activity rooms.”

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