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St. Teresa Place

Creating a safe space at St. Teresa Place

Altro Aquarius™, Altro Walkway™ 20

Shower rooms, bathing areas and other wet environments can be some of the most dangerous areas in a senior living facility. Once water is added to any room, slip and fall risks rise — more so in senior living, considering as people age, the risk of slips increases without water.

When architecture firm FWBA Architects designed Covenent Care’s new build, St. Teresa Place, they needed flooring that would protect both residents and caregivers alike.

Altro Aquarius safety flooring was selected for use in St. Teresa Place’s bathing, tub and spa areas. Some wet room safety floors defend either bare feet or shoes from slipping, but Altro Aquarius does both. The flooring’s design allows for residents and aides to occupy the space without compromising either’s safety.

Covenant Care, a non-profit partner in Alberta’s integrated health system, serves seniors with innovation. The St. Teresa Place addition features a safe, homey design for up to 250 supportive living residents that still allows for independence. Its residents live in small pods that make up sections of the facility, each holding up to 12 people, with meals and daily activities held in larger communal areas.

St. Teresa Place requires residents to bring their own beds, chairs and decorative items and encourages other personal belongings, making it seem like they never left home. When moving parents and grandparents from the place they’ve resided for decades to a senior living facility, the key to continued happiness is this home-like feel.

St. Teresa’s food serveries, laundry areas and care stations again opted for Altro, choosing Altro Walkway 20, a slip-resistant vinyl flooring. Four Altro Walkway 20 colors have an exact match in the Altro Aquarius line, allowing for coordinated design from wet rooms to general areas.

Theresa Yauck, Senior Interior Design Technologist, Associate at FWBA Architects of Lethbridge, said choosing Altro for St. Teresa Place was pretty self-explanatory.

“Altro out-performs all others in offerings of slip-resistance options and visual aesthetic appeal,” she said.

Download the St. Teresa Place PDF