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Australian Supermarket's 35 Year Old Safety Flooring

Going strong after 35 years on the job

Altro Reliance 25

In 2008 the team at Altro Australia uncovered a member of a market-leading national chain of supermarkets in Doncaster, Victoria that had been built in 1973. The delicatessen area still had the original floor down, Altro Designer 25 Bone.

Over the years it had only been repaired around some water outlets, with the integrity of the sheet vinyl still very much safe and sound. It was still performing its slip-resistant and hygiene functions without any visible signs of wear. In fact, Altro decided to test it to see exactly how the slip resistance has stood up after all these years. So Altro called an independent test house to conduct a slip resistance Pendulum Test.

As per Australian Standards, the test was conducted in 5 separate areas around the floor; including right in front of the chicken cooker that daily challenges flooring surfaces. With its radiated heat and hot chicken fat it is one of the most dangerous parts of the floor for slips.

The official result for the test was 46, qualifying the floor as a Class W or Low Risk of Slippage. This is the same expectations as a brand new Altro Designer 25 floor.

So, even after 35 years of non-stop use, the Altro Designer 25 was still performing as well as the day it went in! When queried on how they cleaned the floor, the deli staff said they swept it regularly, mopped it once a day, and very occasionally gave it a hose and squeegee.

“I have been providing Altro flooring solutions for years, and I know it is a quality product, but when you see it in real life after 35 years, well it blew me away. This supermarket really proves to me that the Altro quality is something our competitors can’t match. By using Altro’s proven installation methods, and a little bit of care, these floors are the long term answer, far exceeding their guarantee periods. Think of how many accidents it has prevented in the past 35 years! Other flooring products such as ceramics and resin compounds are being replaced after 3 to 10 years. This adds further costs due to the longer periods of business interruption companies suffer during refurbishment.” Glen Stratton, Commercial Manager, Asia Pacific

“This floor is going to outlast the building. The Altro safety floor still provides excellent slip resistance; we never had an issue with slips in all the time it has been down.” Supermarket spokesperson

The words of the supermarket spokesperson proved prophetic. The supermarket building was demolished and replaced with a new-build. The original Altro Designer 25 flooring remained in place right to the end. Now that’s good service.