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Neely House

A renovation Neely 20 years later

Altro Lavencia

When a loved one undergoes cancer treatments, the best possible care is often far from home. The Neely House was created to provide a home away from home, where those the patient holds dear can stay near.

A bed and breakfast style residence at Tufts Medical Center, The Neely House provides a place for the family and friends of cancer patients to stay while their loved ones receive treatment. Along with being a place to sleep, it allows conversation between families in similar situations – encouraging thoughts and messages of refreshment and positivity throughout the House.

However, the facility hadn’t been renovated in 19 years, and was in dire need of its own refresh. Temporarily shutting their doors in 2016 allowed for a brief period of improvement – The Neely House surveyed former residents to understand how they should laser their focus.

To alleviate the stressors of being in such an environment, warm and homey colors of Altro Lavencia LVT were chosen for the bedrooms.

With both wood and stone looks in traditional glue-down and even adhesive-free options, Altro Lavencia is a versatile flooring solution to suit near-any environment, commercial or residential.

In addition to the bedroom improvements, former patient survey results brought about a larger laundry room and three new rooms for movies, quiet activities and other resources.

The Neely House re-opened in late April 2017, and with its renovations, is better able to support those that need to take residence.

Download the Neely House PDF