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Alcohol based hand sanitizers and Altro

As a commercial flooring manufacturer for demanding healthcare environments, Altro takes pride in being able to answer the many questions that arise when selecting the proper interior surface for healthcare facilities. One question that has come up recently has been, How does your flooring stand up against alcohol based hand sanitizers?

Walk through any hospital or healthcare facility and you will find hand sanitizer dispensers at every corner. Doctors, nurses and all facility staff are continually coming into contact with harmful bacteria constantly resulting in hand sanitization stations becoming a staple in healthcare design. With these stations being visited throughout the day, it is no surprise to walk by and see moisture beneath the dispensers where sanitizer has dripped. Pit traps, used to catch excess liquid that may drip, are considered unsanitary and are not acceptable to use in healthcare settings. Many of the common flooring options, VCT, sheet vinyl and terrazzo, stand up against the alcohol based disinfectant but many common floor finishes do not. Stripping and repairing floors require time and money and once repairs have been made the problem does not go away.

Alcohol based hand sanitizers eat away at the floor finish and leave behind unattractive white spots. The only way to remove these white spots once they have formed on your floor requires removal of the finish and then reapplication. With potentially hundreds of hand sanitizers found throughout a hospital, repairing the flooring in these areas can require constant attention.  By selecting interior flooring that stands up against alcohol based solutions, facilities are able to eliminate this expense and the maintenance hours that go into refinishing a floor.

In response to this concern, Altro sent our flooring products frequently installed in healthcare settings to an independent testing house to see how they stood up against Endure 300 Cida-Rinse Gel Antimicrobial Hand Rinse, Ecolab Quick-Care Foam Waterless Hand Sanitizer and Ecolab Quick-Care Moisturizing Gel Waterless Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer. Our floors were tested in accordance with ASTM F1303-04, Section 11.6, referencing ASTM F925-02, resistance to chemicals of resilient flooring. Altro selected the most common alcohol based disinfectants used in healthcare environments.
Each sample was visually inspected within five minutes after removing test reagents and compared to the adjacent untested area of similar color and texture. The flooring samples were rated on surface dulling, color change and surface attack on a 0-3 scale (0= no change with 3= severe change). Two samples were selected from the Altro Suprema range and two from the Altro Maxis Unity range. Each sample tested with each reagent resulted in a 0 or no change after 60 minutes.

Altro Suprema and Altro Maxis Unity utilize a patented surface technology, Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR™, that provides industry leading performance in stain resistance, color retention and cleanability. This technology is the integral layer protecting our floors from alcohol based disinfectant staining.

Posted: 5/27/2014 4:54:16 PM by Lea Charnley | with 0 comments
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