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Altro Whiterock™ Recessed Shelf

To complement Altro Whiterock in shower areas, we are now offering prefabricated, factory-formed, recessed shelf units. Made from the exact same material as Altro Whiterock wall panels, these shower units are ideally suited for mental health installations. These units are recessed into the drywall and heat-welded flush to the adjoining wall panel making it an extremely hygienic, smooth solution and ideal for use in healthcare, senior living, and mental health facilities.

Seamed flush to the wall, with no ledges or lips to grab hold of, the system is tamper resistant and free from potential ligature points.

You may request a sample of the material that is used to form the shelf below. Please note the material will be 6" x 9" flat and will not be formed.




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Key benefits

  • Heat welded seams
  • Watertight
  • Tamper resistant
  • No ligature points
  • Stain resistant
  • Chemical resistant 
  • Hygienic

Typical applications

  • Shower areas
  • Mental health facilities