Altro Transflor Meta

Altro Transflor Meta has been revitalized! It’s now our lightest ever bus product, with no compromise on safety– and we've added new colors!

Altro Transflor Meta is engineered in 2mm and 2.7mm thicknesses with resilience, durability and safety in mind. Rest assured that your passengers are travelling with a 1 in a million chance of suffering a slip with a PTV of ≥36. Installation is now easier than ever before – not only have we cut the weight, Altro Transflor Meta is available in a self-adhesive solution and through our cutting service, can be supplied in convenient kits.

Our newly refreshed color palette, designed for a calming interior, is protected by Altro Easyclean technology, meaning that all our eight hues are protected with improved cleanliness and enhanced color protection.

To assist our transport customers, we've compiled links to all our technical information, literature and media on the transport downloads page.



Choose your colors and add them to your basket using the plus icons.

  • Sample card

  • Genome
    TFM1802 - 2202 - 2702

  • Radial
    TFM1806 - 2206 - 2706

  • Midnight
    TFM18421 - 22421 - 27421

  • Torino
    TFM1874 - 2274 - 2774

  • Pewter Grey
    TFM1889 - 2289 - 2789

  • Black
    TFM18892 - 22892 - 27892

  • Storm
    TFM18903 - 22903 - 27903

  • Supra
    TFM22913 - TFM27913