Altro Transflor Figura

Altro Transflor Figura is a highly resilient and durable transport flooring solution that includes a quality wear layer, incorporating silicon carbide and aluminum oxide grains for sustained slip-resistance.

A modern palette of 12 on-trend designs, including six carpet patterns and six firework designs, caters to all tastes to create the perfect interior look and feel.

Altro Transflor Figura is stocked locally in North America and is available in two meter width and a 2.7 mm thickness with increased dimensional stability achieved by including the scrim in the middle.  It offers excellent slip resistance to keep your passengers safe.

To assist our transport customers, we've compiled links to all our technical information, literature and media on the transport downloads page.



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  • Crackle
    TFFG2006F - 2706F

  • Rocket
    TFFG2004F - 2704F

  • Laser
    TFFG2003F - 2703F

  • Pinwheel
    TFFG2005F - 2705F

  • Sparkler
    TFFG2002F - 2702F

  • Boom
    TFFG2001F - 2701F

  • Buckingham
    TFFG2051C - 2751C

  • Chambord
    TFFG2053C - 2753C

  • Balmoral
    TFFG2054C - 2754C

  • Versailles
    TFFG2055C - 2755C

  • Imperial
    TFFG2052C - 2752C

  • Chatsworth
    TFFG2056C - 2756C

Key benefits

  • Diamond hard silicon carbide ensures durabilty and longevity
  • Retains appearance and slip resistant performance throughout the life of the floor
  • Altro Easyclean Original technology eases cleaning and maintenance
  • Complies with fire resistance and low toxicity ratings
  • Assurance of a 15 year warranty
  • Heat welded seams prevent water ingress and subfloor damage
  • Available with accessories from moldings, nosings, step treads, adhesives and more
  • Complete support from project start to finish and well beyond
  • Custom kit program to meet your exact specifications

Typical applications

  • Bus
  • Coach
  • Shuttle
  • Emergency vehicles