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Our adhesive-free floors are designed to give you a floor that is easy to install and maintain. Making these design ambitions a reality is a team of innovators and technical experts, continually looking for ways to improve our performance-enhancing products.

With all Altro adhesive-free floors no DPM or adhesive are required. They have been designed to avoid the need for a moisture barrier to subfloors which are damp and to those which cannot be prepared by traditional methods, due to surface contamination. The nodes on the underside of the sheet create an airspace allowing the evaporation of water vapor from damp subfloors. The water vapor evaporates in a controlled manner as part of the building’s regular breathing cycle over its lifetime. Giving moisture the ability to migrate through the building ensures that adhesive-free flooring is not at risk of the formation of water bubbles disturbing the performance or aesthetics of the floor.

This technology gives you a natural, organic and environmentally-friendly drying method for subfloors, which has been rigorously tested to ensure sufficient ventilation of the damp substrate.