Altro Transflor have been satisfying the diverse needs of daily commuters, cruise passengers, day trippers and oil rig workers for decades, in buses, on rails and the high seas – and, if the unexpected happens, we've taken care of the emergency ambulance too. Our products deliver safety, comfort and design; backed by compliance with the latest international regulations. But we haven't neglected our softer side. We can do pretty too. We have exciting designs and colours to wow and create the right mood. Investing in an Altro Transflor product is an investment in a complete system which caters for your every need. A full range of accessories, including adhesives, colour co-ordinated weld rods and sealants, nosings, trims and mouldings are available.

Altro Transflor covers a vast range of floor coverings especially engineered for the requirements and demands of transit interiors. Our safety flooring is a unique combination of vinyl, quartz aggregate, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide -- with a multi layered fiber reinforcement for controlled stability.

Slip and fall accidents cost the transportation industry millions of dollars each year.  Protect your passengers and avoid litigation with Altro.  We are committed to helping you select the right floor for your transportation project and we can even create customized turn-key kits for easy installation.

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