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Altro Whiterock & Altro Whiterock Chameleon provide a continuously smooth, stain resistant, wipe clean surface without gaps or grout.  They are ideally suited for areas that require a water resistant finish.

Designed to integrate with Altro flooring using a seamless, watertight joint, these panels may be heat formed and bent around corners, pipes and other extrusions.  Therefore eliminating harboring accessories, cracks, gas and inadequate seam treatments that are common with other wall products.

Extremely durable and impact resistant, Altro Whiterock is often used as a protective cover or as wainscoting in areas with heavy traffic.  Because of its unmatched durability, you can anticipate low maintenance costs and eliminate the need for costly repairs such as cracked tile, damaged walls and chipped paint.

If a glossy, high-end look is needed, Altro Whiterock Chameleon’s vibrant, sleek palette will increase your design options.  Ideal for areas that would normally require expensive, opaque glass such as accent walls in retail and hospitality installations.

Altro Whiterock & Altro Whterock Chameleon Joining Methods:

Unique Installation Ideas: